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Originally accredited by the International Accreditation Service (IAS) in 2007, CTL|T became an accredited testing agency per ISO/IEC 17025 to test helical piles per AC358 (Acceptance Criteria for Helical Pile Systems and Devices). CTL|Thompson remains the only lab in the world accredited and capable to fulfill the entire requirements of AC358.


Over the years we have expanded our capabilities and scope of work to include the following test criteria and standards:

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AC13 – Joist Hangers and Similar Devices

AC237 – Non-Prestressed Deformed High-Strength Steel Bars for Concrete Reinforcement

AC336 – Pin Pile Systems and Devices

AC358 – Helical Piles Systems and Devices

AC406 – Belled Segmented Pipe Foundation Systems and Devices

AC443 – Screw Foundation Systems (SFSs)

AC517 – Push Pier Foundation Systems

EC027 – Helical Piles for Use Under the IRC


ASTM C31 – Concrete Test Specimens

ASTM C39 – Concrete Compressive Strength

ASTM C231 – Concrete Air Content

ASTM D1143 – Axial Compressive Load Test for Deep Foundations

ASTM D3689 – Axial Tensile Load Test for Deep Foundations

ASTM D3966 – Lateral Load Test for Deep Foundations

ASTM D7147 – Testing and Establishing Allowable Loads of Joist Hangers


Accredited Laboratory Testing TL-342

CTL|Thompson maintains a 1,000,000 inch-pound (83,000 ft-lb) torsion test bench along with a wide variety of fixtures, load frames and other calibrated laboratory equipment necessary to fulfill the requirements of the various Acceptance Criteria (AC) in our accredited scope. We have the capability to perform tension testing up to 600,000 lbs and up to 4 million lbs in compression. Our testing equipment is calibrated and traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).


​Uniquely trained and equipped, CTL|Thompson has the capability to provide all aspects of product evaluation from laboratory testing to full-scale field test applications. Our experience, knowledge and equipment allow us to perform testing to the highest standard. We have years of experience dealing with approving agencies (ICC-ES and IAPMO), which has helped our clients through the rigorous acceptance of their products from start to finish.


Our group will supply you with reliable and trusted test results, document preparation, assistance with agency interface, structural product calculations and foundation engineered design for specific building sites.

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Accredited Manufacturing Inspections AA-735

In order to offer a more complete client support to the manufactured foundation industry, in 2012 CTL|Thompson obtained accreditation to provide Quality System auditing of manufacturing facilities per ISO/IEC 17020 per AC304.  As a part of maintaining a product evaluation reports with an evaluation agency, the Quality System at the manufacturing facility must be regularly audited.  We continue to support clients world-wide by providing on-site audits on behalf of ICC-ES and IAPMO.

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As a part of an inspection, our staff meets with you at your manufacturing facility to review your processes, methods, testing, and documentation. Our experience in the manufactured foundation and construction product arenas enables our staff to focus on your specific manufacturing facility to provide you real world evaluations and realistic system improvements. Our goal is to help our clients improve processes and streamline manufacturing while still fulfilling the requirements of ICC-ES and IAPMO.

​For any product testing, manufacturing quality inspections, or other inquires, please contact our Accredited Laboratory Manager, R.B. "Chip" Leadbetter at or 970-206-9455.

I appreciate your eagerness to offer advice or comment on area's which are successful as well as discuss with me suggestions for future improvement. As always, it is Ram Jack's desire and goal to be upwardly mobile and consistently looking forward to the future for any potential area to grow. CTL has always provided me with that security of a partnership. I appreciate all that you do for Ram Jack and look forward to a continued relationship.

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