Construction Observation & Testing


We offer a full range of Soils and Construction Materials testing services to assist in sampling, testing, and documenting the quality of construction materials. We provide appropriately certified and qualified technicians to sample, test, and document placement of soils, asphalt, concrete and aggregate products during constructions.

CTL | Thompson offers a streamlined approach to construction observation and testing. Our staff can promptly identify problems and work with the project team to provide alternative solutions.  With multiple areas of competency, we provide our clients a single source for construction observation and material testing services.


     - Site excavation observation

     - Compaction testing of fill and backfill

     - Water injection

     - Drilled pier installation

     - Footing subgrade

     - Perimeter drain

     - Damp-proofing application

     - Asphalt placement and testing of asphalt physical properties

     - Reinforcing steel placement

     - Concrete testing for physical properties (compressive and flexural strength testing)

     - In-place concrete compressive strength determination by pullout and maturity methods

     - Measurement of post-tension strand elongation

     - Floor flatness and levelness surveys

     - Static load testing of mechanical and chemically fastened anchors in concrete

     - Masonry materials testing

     - Welds including visual, magnetic particle, liquid dye penetrant, and ultrasonic testing

     - Bolted connection observation and testing

     - Structural floor slab with floor t-joist measurements

     - Fireproofing applications and materials testing