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Vine and Lemay Overpass

Location: Fort Collins, CO

Overview: The intersection of Vine Drive and Lemay Avenue saw significant congestion in recent years due to the existing railroad crossing and train switching yard as well as growth in the northeast part of Fort Collins. The new structure will help alleviate that congestion and will benefit through travelers on Lemay Avenue as well as residents and visitors to the Andersonville and Alta Vista neighborhoods. The project included realigning 1.5 miles of Lemay Avenue, leading to a new overpass over Vine Drive, the first of its kind in the city. CTL Thompson provided geotechnical consulting for the job as well as construction observation and materials testing. 

Services Provided: Geotechnical engineering, construction observation and materials testing

Other related projects:

Lake Canal Siphon, Outfall, Box Culverts, & Bridge Over Box Elder Creek

CTL|Thompson’s structural department worked to create structural plans for the inlet and outlet structures of this siphon. The structures consisted of cast in place concrete, with steel catwalks, rails, and trash racks. As design progressed and construction began, the project contractor provided valuable feedback regarding some of the design which CTL|T was then able to incorporate into a design that was easier to construct.

Kenosha Pass to Roberts Tunnel Transmission Line Rebuild and Upgrade

The Kenosha Pass to Roberts Tunnel 115kV transmission line and Roberts Tunnel 115 kV Substation are located in Park County, Colorado. The project included a 7-mile transmission line from Roberts Tunnel over Kenosha Pass and expansion of the existing Roberts Tunnel Substation. Due to steep slopes and difficult terrain along the transmission line alignment and in the substation footprint, a track-mounted drill rig and down-hole hammer drilling techniques were required to perform the investigation.

Max Bus Rapid Transit

Max BRT was an approximately $87 million dollar project that was paid through federal, state, and local funds – it was the largest public works project in Fort Collins history. The project consisted of 3 pieces – construction of the new Max BRT busway, the new South Transit Center, and an addition to the existing Transfort Maintenance Facility. 

South Platte River Spillway and Gate-Latham Ditch

For the project in the South Platte River, the geotechnical and structural groups both assisted with the design of channel improvements intended to better direct water to downstream water rights holders. The project included several hundred feet of cutoff wall, constructed of steel sheet pile with a cast in place concrete cap. Other aspects of the project include various water control gates –radial gates and Obermeyer gates, as well as a fish ladder.

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