Pikes Peak Heights

Location: Colorado Springs, CO

Overview: The property that was once designated as a construction and demolition landfill is now being developed into a new neighborhood called Pikes Peak Heights at Sand Creek. Working with Pinyon Environmental, Inc., CTL|Thompson was able to help transform this blighted property into an environmentally cleared property for almost 200 housing units. The effort earned both companies an American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) Colorado Honor Award.

Services: Environmental

Other related projects:

Boulder County Justice Center

CTL|Thompson provided extensive asbestos consulting services to Boulder County related to construction projects at the Boulder County Justice Center. We performed air monitoring and in-house sample analysis by Phase Contrast Microscopy (PCM) methodology. Prior to beginning construction, we performed air sampling throughout the building and settled dust sampling within the HVAC system.  

Meow Wolf

A popular attraction in Denver that immerses visitors in other worldly art exhibits, Meow Wolf is located near I-25 and Colfax. CTL|T performed the environmental assessment, geotechnical investigation and construction observations, which included observing the installation of the aggregate piers, caissons, and structural steel framing among many other things.

Metropolitan State University, Center for Student Success

CTL|T performed the environmental consulting services on this project. Our services have included a Phase I ESA and an extensive Phase II ESA consisting of environmental boreholes, test pits, and a geophysical survey in the center of the site. This means that as the contractor digs up the parking lot and starts moving earth, there are former industrial uses, and (chiefly) asbestos in the soil, which necessitate air monitoring, soil management and oversight.