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In May 1971, Bob Thompson founded RW Thompson, Inc. when he recognized Denver’s explosive growth would create a demand for his unique expertise in geotechnical engineering, particularly expansive soils. Today, we have expanded to include four different locations across Denver. These offices specialize in materials testing, field services, and geotechnical, environmental, and structural engineering. With locations across the metro area, we are equipped for handling projects anywhere along the front range.



Main Address:

1971 West 12th Avenue

Denver, Colorado 80204

Phone: (303) 825-0777

Fax: (303) 825-4252



Materials Testing Lab:

22 Lipan St.

Denver, CO 80223

Phone: (303) 825-0777

Fax: (303) 825-4252



Alan Lisowy, PE

Alan has 30 years of experience working in the geotechnical engineering and construction materials testing industry. His responsibilities include managing engineers and technicians, supervising field investigations, project report preparation and review, and managing projects for both budgetary and contract compliance.


Chris Bouchet, PE

COMT Department Manager

Chris is the Construction Observation and Materials Testing Department manager.


Matt Wardlow, PE

Environmental Dept. Manager

Matt began his engineering career in 1995 and joined CTL|T in 2004. He worked as a project manager before taking on his current role as head of the Environmental Services Department. Matt manages the Denver office’s environmental consulting business and is clients’ primary contact on environmental consulting projects.


Erin Bouchet, PE, PG

Engineering Dept. Manager

Erin has been with the CTL|Thompson team for almost ten years. She recently became the Denver Engineering Department manager, handling a variety of projects. She is integral to our geotechnical team.


Justin Dolezal, PE

Structural Department Manager

Justin began his career in 2006 as a staff engineer for the Denver Structural Division of CTL|Thompson. In this role, he manages structural engineers, oversees projects and supports client relations. Justin also prepares and reviews structural engineering reports and plans, monitors construction design, and develops repair recommendations for foundations and structural elements. 


Damon Thomas, PE

President, CTL | Thompson Materials Engineers, Inc. 

Damon Thomas is an architectural and civil engineer with nearly 30 years of experience in pavement design and evaluation, construction materials testing and subsidence engineering. He joined CTL | Thompson in 1989 and became a member of its leadership team in 2006 as the Division Manager of CTL|Thompson Materials Engineers, Inc., an affiliate company that manages CTL|T’s materials testing. In 2018, Thomas was promoted to his current role. 

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