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Bozeman, MT


The Bozeman office was established in 2019. They specialize in geotechnical investigations for both residential and commercial projects. Some of their projects include hotel development in Big Sky, MT, and residential subdivisions located close by used for employee housing. This office assists in Geotechnical investigations as well as supporting clients with construction observation and materials testing. 

Our Bozeman office is now offering Structural Engineering services, including: 

  • Residential construction

    • Single-Family Residences (New construction only until a structural engineer could perform site visits for remodels and additions)

    • Multifamily Construction

      • Townhomes

      • Duplex

  • Small Commercial

    • Apartment buildings (3-story max)

    • Condos (3-story max)

  • Miscellaneous Construction

    • Pergolas and patio cover

    • Timber Framing




153 Shepherd Trail, Unit G

Bozeman, Montana 59718

Tel: (406) 551-9125

Fax: (406) 551-9125


Ryan DeMars Photo.jpg

Ryan DeMars, PE

Division Manager

Ryan has been with CTL | Thompson since 2017. He began as an Engineering Field Technician in the Denver Division before assisting in establishing the Bozeman Division as a Staff Engineer in 2019, and was promoted to Division Manager in 2022. He directs subsurface investigations and prepares geotechnical reports for residential, commercial and ski area development projects in the Big Sky and Bozeman area. Ryan also leads and supervises Bozeman’s team of Field Technicians.

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