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Home to one of the most sophisticated testing laboratories in the country, CTL|Thompson's scientists and engineers offer a wide range of testing capabilities and receive samples from around the world. Testing is completed in our accredited laboratories which comprise over 18,000 square feet in our Denver facility alone.


Due to the size of our facility, we can perform all the testing requested resulting in responsive turn-around time. Our laboratories are AASHTO-Accredited and capable of running virtually all of the tests that may be necessary.

In addition to our specialized testing, our team of engineers and certified field technicians provide construction materials testing services and construction observation services in residential and commercial projects of any size.

Concrete Truck


  • Aggregate Qualification

  • Mix Design

    • Asphaltic Cement Concrete​

    • Portland Cement Concrete

    • Soil Stabilization

    • Roller Compacted Concrete

    • Slurry/Sand/Chip Seals

  • Chemical & Mineral Admixture Qualification

  • Masonry Materials Qualification

  • Concrete Failure Analysis

On-Site Field Load Testing

CTL|Thompson maintains a wide array of testing equipment and frames, which enables us to assist with any static load testing at your site or construction project. Our equipment is calibrated and traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). 


Our current capabilities include testing in tension and compression up to 250,000 lbs. We provide support anywhere in the country and supply an experienced technician to accompany our test frame, jacks, and load cells to ensure the equipment is assembled safely, resolve issues, and collect accurate and precise data for any verification or performance test that may be required.


With decades of experience testing all kinds of foundation/structural elements and soil/structure systems, CTL|Thompson is the best choice for on-site field load testing.

Equipment Calibrations

Digital Torque Indicators:

​CTL|Thompson maintains the largest torsion test bench known to exist, capable of a 1,000,000 inch-pounds (83,000 ft-lbs.). This affords us the ability to provide NIST traceable calibrations of torsion gauges, torsion devices and any other devices that measure twisting forces.


Once a rare item, digital torsion measuring devices are becoming more common in construction installation. CTL|T has worked with many different contractors to ensure their device maintains a high level of confidence when they are installing. We have performed calibrations and verifications on various types of devices including Pro-Dig, CTS, and Chance.


Torsion Installation Equipment:

While torque measuring devices are becoming more common in construction, the older method of correlating torque using the hydraulic pressure with the torque motor manufacturer’s capacity chart is still in practice. Due to manufacturing tolerances, equipment efficiencies and wear and tear, we have found these estimates to be as much as 20% different from the actual torque being applied.


Calibrating your equipment will remove any guesswork. CTL|T will travel to your facility or construction site and correlate the pressure from your installation equipment (rig and the motor) to our own calibrated torsion device.


Hydraulic Ram Calibration:

CTL|Thompson has access to various NIST traceable, calibrated compression machines along with highly trained staff that can perform hydraulic ram pressure calibrations.


Using your hydraulic equipment setup (hydraulic ram, pump, and pressure gauge), we will calibrate and provide results that correlate the pressure gauge readings to exact pound-force readings at a variety of intervals. Having this correlation from your equipment will allow you to achieve a more precise loading that may be required and give you confidence in your results.


We understand construction schedules can be limiting, so whether it’s on-site load testing or equipment calibrations, our highly trained and experienced staff will do our best to meet your specific needs and provide reliable and prompt service.  Contact us to see how we can help.


For inquiries, contact:

Chip Leadbetter, IAS Accredited Laboratory Manager, Fort Collins Branch


Phone: 970-206-9455


Damon Thomas, President, CTL|Thompson Materials Engineers, Inc.




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