Torsion Calibration

Many manufactured foundation products are installed by twisting them into the ground.  Often knowing the torque being applied during installation can be very helpful or even required.  Having the ability, expertise, and equipment necessary to accommodate equipment that operates in torsion, is rare.  

CTL | Thompson maintains the largest torsion test bench known to exist, capable

of a 1,000,000 inch-pounds (83,000 ft-lbs.).  This affords us the ability to provide NIST

traceable calibrations of torsion gauges, torsion devices and any other devices that measure twisting forces. 

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Once a rare item, digital torsion measuring devices are becoming more common in construction. 

As technology advances, the capability of these devices is astounding.   We are familiar with all

of the industry common torque devices and have dealt with custom and unique torsion devices.


These calibrations are performed at our laboratory facility in Fort Collins, Colorado.  Drop off or ship

us your device and we will calibrate it and return it promptly.  We understand construction schedules

can be limiting, so we do our best to meet your schedule needs. 



Installation equipment is manufactured in a variety of formats and the method of measurement can vary.  While torque measuring devices are becoming more common in construction, the older method of estimating torque using the hydraulic pressure with the torque motor manufacturer’s capacity chart is still in practice.  Due to manufacturing tolerances, equipment efficiencies and wear and tear, we have found these estimates to be as much as 20% different from the actual torque being applied. 

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Are you prepared to risk your company’s reputation on an estimate?  Calibrating your equipment will remove guesswork from the already long list of details the installer has to manage.  In addition, it will answer those oversight questions long

before they are even asked. 

If you typically swap a torque motor to different rigs, each combination will need to be calibrated.  Because the calibration includes the rig and the motor, generally CTL | Thompson will travel to your facility with our torsion device (calibrated and traceable to NIST) to perform the calibration with the assistance of your staff and operators.  Do you have a variety of equipment or multiple distributors that will need calibration and can be gathered up at one time? That is great because we can offer you group rates to help you control costs.


When you are ready to get your equipment calibrated, or, if you need anything tested in torsion, please to contact our Accredited Laboratory Testing Manager, Ryan Beck at or 970-206-9455.

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