Heritage Todd Creek

Thornton, Colorado

Heritage Todd Creek.jpg

Most of the pavement for Heritage Todd Creek was constructed between 2005 and 2007. Assumed construction defects included questionable subgrade materials, trench compaction and saturated subsoil. Pavement Maintenance activities in the past had included crack sealing, full depth pavement patching, mill and overlay with reflective crack geotextiles, concrete curb replacements and surface drainage improvements.


CTL | Thompson was retained to provide the following:


Gathering of Information for Pavement Maintenance System (PMS)

CTL gathered information on the history of the pavement construction and past maintenance practices and made recommendations to the District on the development and use of a PMS.


Evaluation of the Current Pavement Condition

Using the PMS approved by the District, CTL evaluated the current Pavement Condition.


Recommendations of Immediate and Long Term Repairs

CTL provided recommendation for immediate and long term repairs for use in the development of life cycle costs and approaches for review by the District to help in preparation of a long-term budget.

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