Pavement Engineering

Our firm is a leader in rigid and flexible pavement design and management technologies. CTL | Thompson’s Pavement and Construction Management Group is fully capable to perform preliminary surveys, provide design of pavement rehabilitation, complete Pavement Justification Reports and Design Reports, and develop materials portions of project plans. We routinely perform destructive testing to evaluate pavement conditions including pavement and base thickness and collect samples of the base and subgrade soils.


We are also capable of evaluating pavements structural capacity based on field investigations and laboratory testing. Our pavement evaluation and design capabilities include lime/fly ash stabilization mixture design, pavement distress investigations, profilograph testing, finite element and elastic layered computer analysis, life cycle cost analysis, asphalt concrete mixture designs (Superpave and Marshall, and development of long-term maintenance plans.

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Our laboratories are AASHTO certified and capable of running virtually all of the tests that may be necessary. In addition to typical Transportation Materials Testing, CTL | Thompson offers some unique opportunities. We have acquired the equipment necessary to run the Micro DEVAL test. Additionally, CTL | Thompson belongs to the select group of firms capable of performing Pavement Marking Adhesion Testing.

Our pavement engineers offer a wide range of services as well as construction management services to assist our clients in the budgeting, bidding and implementation of repairs.


  • Pavement Evaluation and Design

  • Pavement thickness designs for residential and commercial properties

  • Lime/fly ash stabilization mixture design

  • Pavement management systems implementation

  • Pavement distress investigations

  • Pavement construction and performance specifications

  • Airport runway evaluations

  • Pavement evaluation and rehabilitation

  • Profilograph testing

  • Non-destructive deflection testing and analysis

  • Finite element and elastic layered computer analysis

  • Life cycle cost analysis

  • Development of long-term maintenance plans

  • Project acceptance/quality control testing

  • Asphalt concrete mixture designs (Superpave and Marshall)

  • Applied asphalt research - polymer/additive modification blending