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Devin Hougard Joins CTL | Thompson as Staff Engineer

Seismic Knowledge Expertise an Asset to Fort Collins Branch





















FORT COLLINS – CTL|Thompson, a full-service geotechnical, structural, environmental and materials engineering firm, today announces Devin Hougard will join its Fort Collins team as a staff engineer. Hougard joins the expert team that designs structural plans for residential developments throughout Fort Collins.


An Engineer-in-Training, Hougard has already amassed a depth of expertise in seismology, including the effects of both wind and earthquake activity―an asset to CTL because of his ability to help draft structural designs to endure the potentially damaging wind conditions faced throughout the northern Front Range and the foothills of Fort Collins.  In addition, Hougard has extensive knowledge in the design of shallow and deep foundations and slope/earth retention systems.

Through his experience designing, drafting and detailing residential structures, he gained a thorough knowledge of applicable design codes, including ACI, ASCE 7, IBC/IRC, AISC and advanced knowledge in the use of AutoCAD. He puts his technical expertise to work ...


CTL | Thompson Expands Testing Capability

Universal Testing Machine performs high capacity compression & tension testing

The Accredited Testing team at the Fort Collins, Colorado, location of CTL|Thompson has taken a big step forward in capability. In November of this year, the laboratory took delivery of a Universal Testing Machine (UTM) to perform high capacity compression and tension testing.  The test frame incorporates state-of-the-industry hydraulics and sensing systems with a capacity of 400,000 lbs in both compression and tension.  This system is unique in that it can accommodate a test sample up to 12 feet in length, surpassing nearly all other testing providers.


“While the load capacity is a great benefit, the biggest advantage is the sample length” explained Chip Leadbetter, Laboratory Director at the Fort Collins office. “We are watching Acceptance Criteria requirements become more complex with greater expectations. We realized some of our clients are going to be limited in the size of their products they could produce simply because we couldn’t arrange sufficiently large test frames to perform the testing necessary to fulfill the ever more stringent testing requirements.  The last thing we want is a client having to reduce a product length simply because sufficient testing is unavailable.”



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