Max Bus Rapid Transit

Fort Collins, Colorado


Max BRT was an approximately $87 million dollar project that was paid through federal, state, and local funds – it was the largest public works project in Fort Collins history. The project consisted of 3 pieces – construction of the new Max BRT busway, the new South Transit Center, and an addition onto the existing Transfort Maintenance Facility. 


The Max BRT busway portion consisted of the construction of a five mile north-south mostly concrete paved roadway within the City of Fort Collins and included the construction of stations at approximately ½ mile intervals along the route. The South Transit Center portion consisted of the construction of a new 4,000 sf building and 175-space park and ride lot at the south end of the Max BRT corridor. The Transfort Maintenance Facility portionconsisted of the expansion of the existing facility to providestorage and maintenance bays for the Max buses (which were much longer than the existing Transfort buses) and an area for training and testing of bus operators. 

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