Full Scale Field Load Testing

As a part of our accredited foundation product testing, CTL|Thompson maintains a wide array of testing equipment and frames.  With this capability, we are able to also provide load testing at your site or construction project.  All our equipment is calibrated and NIST traceable.  Capable of testing up to 250,000 lbs. in compression and tension, we have the capability on hand to support your testing requirements.  We supply an experienced technician to accompany our test frame, jacks, and load cells to ensure the equipment is assembled safely, resolve issues, and ensure the data collected is correct and proper.


With decades of experience on all kinds of foundations and other soil/structure systems and structural elements, CTL|Thompson should be your choice for testing on all foundation types, anchors and tiebacks.


If you need field load testing, please to contact our Accredited Laboratory Testing Manager, Ryan Beck at rbeck@ctlthompson.com or


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