Peetz Wind Farm

Northeast Colorado


CTL | Thompson ​provided services for 267 wind generator turbines, four electrical substations, and maintenance facilities in Northeast Colorado. Each turbine consisted of an approximately 260-foot tall tower with a 15-foot diameter base weighing approximately 25 tons.

Project included:

  • ​A geotechnical investigation and construction materials testing services

  • ​Exploratory borings at each of the 267 tower locations, and additional   borings at the substations and maintenance facility

  • Soil resistivity tests at 28 locations and seismic refraction studies at 80 locations

  • A geographical report with foundation recommendations for the wind turbine generators, electrical substations, and operation and maintenance building\

  • Construction observations and materials testing

An offsite office was set up with materials testing equipment, including a concrete compression machine, concrete cure tanks, and nuclear density gauges. Three technicians were provided on a full-time basis.

Providing a full-time staff of field technicians on-site was crucial to keeping the project on schedule and avoiding costly delays. The specific construction observations that our field representatives performed on the wind turbine projects included: excavation observations, compaction testing, reinforcing steel observations, concrete testing, aggregate testing, and concrete batch inspections.

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