The Regency Athletic Complex at MSU Denver

Denver, Colorado

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Metropolitan State University of Denver completed a new sports facility in 2015 for their baseball, softball and soccer teams, as well as tennis courts and running paths.  The facility is located south of the Colfax Avenue viaduct adjacent to Shoshone Street and east of Interstate 25 in Denver, Colorado.


The project site is a redevelopment of a major Brownfield, with both surface and groundwater contaminants. CTL | Thompson provided on-site environmental inspection services, testing and management of both asbestos and chemical contaminants unearthed during excavation, and also successfully entered the client into the State of Colorado Voluntary Cleanup Program.


Due to the environmental issues at this site, typically the area would need to be excavated and the contaminated soils removed and replaced with suitable import fill materials. This process was unavoidable for the new street ROW and new building, with much of the excavated materials inspected and reused beneath the tennis courts. However, it was not feasible economically to proceed with excavation across the entire complex.


Therefore, Deep Dynamic Compaction, almost unheard of in the Denver market, was used to densify soils. Deep Dynamic Compaction is a ground improvement technique that densifies soils and fills in-place by using a drop weight. Full time air monitoring and daily visual survey of impact craters was performed, in order to determine when localized remediation or additional engineering controls were needed.  


This was a very rare and unique economic solution which allowed the project to move forward within budget constraints. Future differential settlement in buildings, tennis court and athletic fields was minimized with this technique. Long term performance and reduced maintenance will be the testimonial for the success of this project. To date there have been no noticeable settlement features compared to those exhibited before remediation. 


The American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC/CO)  awarded CTL | Thompson the ‘Grand Conceptor’ Award at the 2016 Engineering Excellence Awards for the highly successful outcome on this project. This award is the highest engineering honor in the State of Colorado.

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