Biological Services
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Biological Assessment and Cultural Records Review


CTL offers preliminary biological and cultural consultation for planning and development purposes. This preliminary review provides information on what next steps and permitting may be needed prior to development. Our wildlife specialists are trained in habitat assessment in compliance with Local, State and Federal Laws including the Threatened and Endangered Species Act, the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, and the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act. Our staff will also assess the potential for wetlands and Waters of the US to avoid impacts to regulated waterways. Knowing early on if waterways may potentially be regulated can aid in permitting and planning to avoid delays during the development and construction phases of your project. In addition to our biological assessment, our cultural record review can provide preliminary information regarding the types of cultural resources which may exist within your project area.


Wetland Delineations/Clean Water Act 404 Permitting

CTL offers tools and support for wetlands, Waters of the US, and Clean Water Act compliance. Once it is determined that wetlands or potential Waters of the US are located within your project area, CTL staff works with clients to understand the goals of the project to reduce or negate 404 permitting. Our biologists are trained and certified in wetland delineations and 404 Permitting per the Army Corps of Engineers Wetland Management Handbook. Our team coordinates closely with state and federal regulators to ensure that delineations are performed accurately, and the permitting process is as streamlined as possible.


Burrowing Owl and Migratory Bird Clearance Surveys


Burrowing owls are one of Colorado’s top priority threatened species. Due to their close relationship with black-tailed prairie dogs, CTL recommends burrowing owl surveys when prairie dogs are present to avoid a take of this state protected species. CTL follows survey protocols as outlined by Colorado Parks and Wildlife to determine the presence or absence of this species.


In addition to burrowing owls, our wildlife specialists are trained in migratory bird identification by sight and sound. Our biologists are trained to recognize critical nesting and foraging habitat to assess the potential impacts to migratory birds. We offer recommendations and clearance letters for raptors including but not limited to red-tailed hawks, swainsons hawks, bald eagles, and many others.