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Accredited Laboratory Testing TL-342 

Originally accredited by the International Accreditation Service (IAS) according to ISO/IEC 17025 to test helical piles per AC358 in 2007, CTL | Thompson remains the only lab in the world accredited and capable to fulfill the requirements of AC358.   Our Testing Lab Scope has expanded to include the following:

                   AC237 – Non-prestressed Deformed High-Strength Steel Bars for Concrete Reinforcement

                   AC336 – Pin Pile Systems and Devices

                   AC358 – Helical Piles Systems and Devices

                   AC406 – Belled Segmented Pipe Foundation (Push Piers) Systems and Devices

                   AC443 – Screw Foundation Systems (SFSs)

                   ASTM D1143/D1143M – Axial Compressive Load Test for Deep Foundations

                   ASTM D3689/D3689M – Axial Tensile Load Test for Deep Foundations

                   ASTM D3966/D3966M – Lateral Load Test for Deep Foundations

                   ASTM C31/C31M – Concrete Test Specimens

                   ASTM C39/C39M – Concrete Compressive Strength

                   ASTM C231 – Concrete Air Content

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For our most current and official Scope of Accreditation, please visit the following:



Uniquely staffed and equipped, CTL | Thompson has the capability to provide all aspects

of foundation product evaluation from laboratory testing to full scale field test installations. 

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Our complete staff includes geotechnical and structural engineers experienced with the use,

design, and installation of manufactured foundation products and systems. Much of the testing

equipment is custom built, specifically for our needs.  

CTL | Thompson maintains a 1,000,000 inch-pound (83,000 ft-lb) torsion test bench along with a wide variety of fixtures, load frames and other calibrated laboratory equipment necessary to fulfill the requirements the various Acceptance Criteria (AC) in our accredited scope.  We can provide you with laboratory tension testing up to 600,000 lbs. and laboratory compression testing up to 4 million lbs.  With digital, wireless torsion meters, CTL | Thompson can monitor foundation element installation in real time, and critical evaluation of torque to capacity measurements can be made.  Additionally, CTL | Thompson maintains access to well documented and characterized testing sites providing controlled full scale field testing.  You will not find this capability anywhere else.

We have worked with over 30 fabricated foundation system manufacturers, the bulk of the helical foundation industry and major providers in the push pier, ground screw and other foundation product industries.  We have supplied testing, document preparation, assistance with ICC-ES and IAPMO interface, structural product calculations and even product and foundation engineered design for specific building sites.


We are always open to supporting new clients and industries.  If you are looking to submit your product to ICC-ES or IAPMO and are in need of accredited product testing or R&D product testing, we would be open to discussing options with you.  Feel free to contact our Accredited Laboratory Director, Chip Leadbetter at cleadbetter@ctlthompson.com  or 970-206-9455.

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